Date: 13.07.2018


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#DigData Challenge launched in Prishtina today

The day has come!

We have launched our first Open Data Challenge and the very first activity since our launch in November 2017. We have named it DIG DATA and we want it to speak to you, convincing you on data use while undergoing any creative, informative, decision-making process.

The superhero on the right is DIG IT, our data superhero. We’ll tell you more about it in the upcoming days, weeks, months as our journey has just begun and we’ll meet again.

Dig Data Challenge calls on open data movers and shakers and opinion-makers, start-ups, civil society, the private sector, academia, journalists, designers, technology innovators, and creative problem solvers to submit proposals that address the question:

How can we best aggregate and disseminate improved, targeted, demand-driven information that connects:

o Students to appropriate and effective schooling, training (in their chosen subject and

professional conduct), and job opportunities associated with in-demand careers?

o Women to high-value career paths and entrepreneurship opportunities, and employers to

strategies to improve recruitment, retention and career prospects for female workers?

o Entrepreneurs to labor market opportunities, prizes and competitions, financing

opportunities, and appropriate technical assistance?

The interested parties can apply in two AWARD Categories:

1. Data Communications and Outreach

o Seed Funding – 1,000€ – 5,000€

o Grant Award – 15,000€

2. Open Data Governance Interventions (up to 150,000€ available in funding)

Dig Data Challenge seeks to create productive partnerships between government, civil society (NGOs, the media, think tanks), and private sector and support innovation in data use and analysis. The activity is designed to help the government identify problems they seek support in solving, and bring civil society and the private sector into that role as solution-oriented partners.

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