Bekim Collaku / Ex officio CoS Presidency/ Chair of the MFK Board

Mr. Collaku is the Chief of Staff of the President of Kosovo Mr Hashim Thaci. He has served as the Minister of European Integrations from 2014 to 2017. Prior to this, Mr Collaku has been Chief of Staff of PM Thaci during two mandates, from 2007 to 2014. Mr. Collaku holds PhD from the University of Ghent in Belgium. He has been a member of the delegation in the dialogue with Serbia for the last seven years.


Selim Selimi / Minister of Justice of Kosovo

Mr. Selimi is currently serving as the Minister of Justice of Kosovo. Mr. Selimi has previously worked for OSCE, UNDP, US Department of Justice and as a Legal Adviser to President Jahjaga. He is a University of Torino and Duke University Alumnus and is a certified Lawyer​.


Ardita Dushi / Chief of Staff of the Office of Prime Minister of Kosovo

Ardita Dushi is the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister’s Office. Prior to this, she was engaged in conducting various studies and research in the political field. In addition, she served as the Chief of Staff in the Ministry of Finance for two years. Ms. Dushi studied Political Science and Journalism.


Blerim Kuçi / Minister of Economy and Environment of Kosovo. She used to serve as the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Finance for two years.

Blerim Kuci was appointed a Minister of Economy and Environment in June, 2020. He served as a Member of Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo from 2017 to 2020. Mr. Kuci holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Hydraulic Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in Prishtina.


Jelena Djokic / Civil Society Representative

Dr Jelena Djokic is a Professor of Environmental engineering and management as well as Academic Director of International Business College Mitrovica. In her 30 year career, she was working in private, public and civil sector in production, management and research and development areas, in energy, industrial and water-related programs. At the moment she is active in two Erasmus + projects as a project management board member in the field of Natural Disasters Risk Management in Western Balkans and centers of excellence in sustainable development.


Luan Shllaku / Civil Society Representative

Mr Shllaku is the Executive Director of Kosovo Fund For Open Society since 1998. Prior to this, he has been active in issues related to protection of the environment and renewable energy, working as a consultant in agencies of United Nations. He has served in several Boards, including the University of Prishtina, Kosovo Fund for Civil Society, etc.


Berat Rukiqi / Private Sector Representative

After 11 years working experience with the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Mr Rukiqi has recently been appointed a president to this institution. He also teaches at the University of Prishtina. Previously he has also served as chair of the Board of Directors at Kosovo Energy Corporation KEK. He has an MSc Degree in International Political Economy, Oddisee Business School, part of KU Leuven, Brussels, Belgium and is now a PhD candidate at the University of Prishtina.


Former Members of the Board 


Valdrin Lluka / Ex officio CoS Minister of Economic Development / 2019

Mr. Lluka was the Minister of Economic Development in the Government of Kosovo. He previously served as General Director at Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency. He has also been active in Private Sector including establishing Kosovo’s biggest mushroom producer and exporter. He holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota.  


Abelard Tahiri / Ex officio Justice Minister / 2019

Mr. Tahiri was a Minister of Justice in 2017. Previously he has served as the Chief of Staff of the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci, as well as the Chief of Cabinet to Mr. Thaci as Prime Minister from 2011 to 2014. Mr. Tahiri graduated in Political Science at the University of Prishtina.


Laura Kryeziu / Civil Society Representative / 2017-2019

Mrs Kryeziu is the founder and Executive Director of Leadership and Growth Council. She is currently also serving as Chief of Party for the USAID /TLP-Citizens Corps.   Previously she has led several large-scale leadership training programs, financed by US Government. Mrs Kryeziu is a PhD candidate for Quality Assurance in Education at Ljubljana University. She also has Master in Service Management with Rochester Institute of Technology and postgraduate training certificate from Kennedy School at Harvard University.


Avni Arifi / Ex officio CoS OPM / 2017-2018

Mr. Arifi served as the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister of Kosovo Mr. Ramush Haradinaj. He also headed Kosovo’s Delegation in Technical Dialogue with Serbia. Prior to this, he has worked for several international NGOs. Mr. Arifi graduated from Fontus University in Eindhoven Netherlands. He currently, serves as Kosovo Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.


Observing Members of the Board


Petrit Selimi, MFK CEO


Sarah Olmstead, MCC Country Director



As per Threshold Agreement signed and ratified by the governments of Kosovo and USA, the governance structure of the Millennium Foundation Kosovo includes a board of directors (the “Board”) that will have ultimate responsibility for the oversight, direction, and decisions of the Accountable Entity, as well as the overall implementation of the Program.

It comprises seven voting members. The Board is initially expected to include the following voting members: (a) Chief of Staff of the Presidency; (b) Chief of Staff of the office of the Prime Minister; (c) Minister responsible for the energy sector; (d) Minister responsible for the justice sector; and (e) Three non-Government representatives.  
All Board members are subject to approval by MCC.


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