MARCH 15, 2021


The Challenge is open to all and will accept entries that meet the following criteria:

  •       Entries must be submitted in English.
  •       Late entries will not be accepted.
  •       Entries must be complete and may not leave questions unanswered questions or neglect requested documentation.
  •       Entries must directly relate to challenge goals, funding requirements and utilize credible open data from ERO, KEEA and/or other credible, vetted open data from national and international institutions. 
  •       All competitors must use Challenge grant funds to implement a solution in Kosovo. International applications are eligible as long as applicants either already have a presence in Kosovo or must demonstrate they have a Kosovar partner (supporting partnership documentation is required).
  •       All solutions can propose a coordination or implementation partnership with KEEA or ERO.


All eligible applications will be shared with the judging panel. The judging panel will be made up of subject matter experts, energy sector stakeholders, data specialists, MFK staff, and their affiliates, etc. The proposed solutions will be peer reviewed for accuracy of analysis therefore, all data that is used should be attributed to the original source and links should be provided to the original source data. All eligible submissions will be assessed and judged with a view toward proposal quality, ambition and portfolio balance. 

The Challenge particularly encourages proposals from private sector firms, women, and underserved minorities.



All eligible entries will be judged against the following criteria:

  •       Criterion 1: Use of Open Data
  •       Criterion 2: Actionable Information
  •       Criterion 3: Accessibility
  •       Criterion 4: Potential Impact
  •       Criterion 5: Market Potential
  •       Criterion 6: Communications and Outreach Strategy


Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of: 

  • Eligibility (Yes/No). 
  • Whether they use open data from the Energy Regulatory Office or Kosovo Energy Efficiency Agency or other credible, vetted open data from national and international institutions (Yes/No). 
  • Whether they are improving the understanding of energy data and providing data-driven, actionable information for Kosovo’s citizens (Yes/No).  
  • A sliding-scale evaluating applicant’s use of data, actionable information, accessibility, potential impact, and market potential. 

For more detailed information on Judging Criteria, please refer to the Information Package.

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