Date: 16.12.2021

‘ERA DIMËN’ book covering Air Quality issues in Kosovo launched

‘ERA DIMËN’ covering a broad range of air pollution topics, combines personal narratives, academic writing, art and activism to inspire environmental change in Kosovo. It provides in-depth understanding of the importance of air quality, how it is regulated at the local and national level, and the role academia and scientists play in shaping the many ways in which air quality issues affect us. 


The book is also a report of the activities implemented by Millennium Foundation Kosovo with the support of Millennium Challenge Corporation and local stakeholders in the field of air quality. Era Dimën takes notes of how civil society organizes itself to demand environmental change and how data can be transformed into civic action. The project underscores the importance of utilizing data and science when striving for impact. The images and stories featured in this book show the aspects of our everyday lives prone to change—unwillingly—due to degradation of air quality; the importance of air quality in both individual and societal progress; and how today’s concerns ground questions, behaviors and actions we must change now, to ensure cleaner (air) living tomorrow.



‘ERA DIMËN’ was launched earlier this week, during the air quality activities concluding event, which brought together outstanding local and international speakers, experts of climate change.


‘ERA DIMËN’ is part of the Air Quality activities, under the Transparent and Accountable Program, implemented by Millennium Foundation Kosovo, supported by Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

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