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Air Quality

Project Name:

Breath Data (www.frymo.org)


35 sensors in 22 municipalities
across Kosovo

Interview Quotes:

Rina Fetahu, Managing Director


Ministry of Education

The Innovation:

Engaging student teams to use data to identify problems associated with poor air quality, to build, program, and install air quality sensors, and to communicate air quality data in a way that encourages their peers and communities to make informed choices


BONEVET works with children (age 5+) and adults to develop technical and soft skills and emotional intelligence through play- and technology-based programs. BONEVET, which has a vision of a society based on the principle of providing equal educational opportunities for all, operates three centers throughout Kosovo.

BONEVET used the Dig Data Challenge to work with schools on education, technology, and awareness of air quality and collection and analysis of data related to it.

The Call

Benefits of the Call

Dig Data Challenge support enabled BONEVET to engage the community in designing and scaling of an appraoch to deploy air quality sensors, gather data for advocacy, and disseminating results through an online platform.

The Response

To respond to the challenge, BONEVET focused on filling the gap in Kosovo in availability of air quality data and analysis available

“This made us integrate data as a component in our project.”

There was a lack of local air quality meters and therefore limited localized data.

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Project “Breath Data” was designed to support data-driven decisions, inspiring students and communities in different cities who were living in environments with poor air quality to think about what they can do and take action


Solicited applications from high schooal students throughout Kosovo to participate.

“... new opportunities to work with new technology and engage hands on with data.”

“... all the students were highly engaged.”

Promoted equitable gender participation.

Participation was consistent before and during the pandemic.



Student teams at 35 schools reviewed existing data and researched air quality, under guidance from a teacher/mentor. This made them aware of how little data was actually available.

BONEVET trained teachers how to mentor the students.

Bonevet DigData Project Journey

Delays in shipping the sensor box components.


Bonevet DigData Project Journey

Winners of the creative challenge were rewarded with a 3D printer for their school.

35 total air quality sensors were installed in 22 municipalities.


Creative challenge was launched for students to apply design approaches to creating air quality meters. Students experimented and iterated to create the air quality sensors from the kits. Teams were provided with equipment kits, which included the motherboard, sensors, fan, and a powerbank.

Experts checked that the student- created boxes were producing accurate data.

Students learned programming so that they could relay the data to the platform.

Student participants conducted awareness activities.


Bonevet DigData Project Journey


BONEVET launched an online platform and app to showcase the data collected by the 35 student-built sensors.

Platform was designed by the students and developed by a professional developer.

Launch Event

These students were so comfortable with what they were sharing...”

Many of the students said they would study computer science and programming because they had this opportunity.

Potentially, the greatest achievement was creating a connection with students to data and building technical and design skills needed to engage with technology and data.


Before we used international sensors, but now we use the sensors from ourselves and the government.”

The platform will continue to display realtime data from the 35 sensors for the public.

The boxes created under Breath Data are the first to source data locally and engage students and the community.

All information is in Albanian and is specific to their municipalities.

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