Date: 10.12.2021


Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) teams were on-site at Kosova A and B power plants to visit women interns who have been working for several months with the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK). Through MFK’s Women in Energy (WE) program, 20 young women are currently working as interns within different KEK departments. 


In a discussion that brought together MFK, MCC, and KEK management, the WE interns provided insight into their experiences on the job and discussed strategies for helping women prepare for leadership roles in the sector. WE Interns at KEK emphasized how happy they are to be tasked with managing important responsibilities and assignments at work. They also recognized that the WE program has created a network that encourages capable women interested in the energy field to connect and join the labor force.  


During the discussion, MFK CEO Petrit Selimi discussed the history of the WE Internship program, which was originally inspired by research highlighting the strong gender imbalance in the energy sector. The program aims to close the gender gap in the field by training the next generation of women leaders who will help manage Kosovo’s transition to renewable energy. 

Meanwhile, MCC Country Director for Kosovo Sarah Olmstead called on the current cohort of interns to spread the word to other young women in their communities about the Women in Energy program. 


To learn more about WE internship Program, please check out the Women in Energy Internship website:  

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