Date: 18.10.2022


Today, MCC CEO Alice Albright together with US Ambassador to Kosovo Jeffrey Hovenier, the Minister of Economy Artane Rizvanolli, Mayor of Pristina Përparim Rama, and MFK CEO Petrit Selimi, inaugurated the works at the iconic Ulpiana towers, as part of the Apartment Building Efficiency Retrofits (AER).


All five towers in Ulpiana are being retrofitted with energy efficiency measures and they will be completed by the end of this year. 


‘’Reliable access to power is a crucial part of modern living and a critical element of poverty alleviation, economic growth, and improved living standards. Unfortunately, demand for reliable electricity in Kosovo significantly surpasses supply. With that in mind, the MCC – Kosovo Threshold Program worked to establish a foundation on which the Government of Kosovo can continue to build a brighter, more energy efficient future for all Kosovans’’ – stated MCC CEO Alice Albright. 


MFK CEO Petrit Selimi highlighted the role of this investment to the wellbeing and safety of the citizens. “Ulpiana towers were very unsafe, due to the poor constructions and poor quality materials. Thanks to AER investment, all of the towers are becoming safe, energy efficient, thus allowing citizens to have a comfortable life, while paying lower energy bills. Moreover, their property value increases as well.” Mr Selimi added.


Ulpiana is the first urbanized neighborhood in Prishtina; this intervention in the efficiency of the five towers comes 60 years after they were built. As a result, around 280 families will live more comfortably and pay less in electricity bills.


MCC CEO, Alice Albright, is making a three-day visit to Kosovo, together with a senior MCC delegation. During her stay, Ms Albright is expected to attend threshold Closing program activities.

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