Date: 28.09.2022

MCC meets with the new CEO of Termokos to discuss the sustainability of Prishtina HeatSave

A senior delegation from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), visited the District Heating Network in Prishtina “Termokos”, today to learn more about the progress Prishtina HeatSave, an MCC supported intervention aiming to modernize the entire Termokos billing system and equip over 17,000 customers with heat meters, thermostatic valves, as well as heat cost allocators.


Led by Kevin Mitchell, Managing Director of Sector Operations, MFK and MCC delegation met with the newly appointed Termokos CEO, Fisnik Osmani, to discuss the progress of Prishtina HeatSave and the importance of ensuring sustainability to this project.


Termokos CEO Fisnik Omani, considers the Prishtina HeatSave activity of a great importance. “This investment is taking thermal energy accessibility to another level. It greatly contributes towards improving Termokos operations as well as the lives of Prishtina citizens.” – Mr Osmani stated.


Kevin Mitchell, Managing Director of Sector Operations at MCC, said that today’s visit to “Termokos” is among MCC visits to see the progress of MCC supported investments in Kosovo’s energy sector. Mr. Mitchell expressed his contentment for the successful implementation of this project from which the citizens of Prishtina and Kosovo in general benefit in the long term. 


This visit is among a series of activities organized by MFK for the Energy Week, aiming to highlight MCC’s investments in the energy sector.



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