Meeting with the Mayor of Prishtina

Petrit Selimi, the CEO of Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) was joined by Burim Hashani, MFK’s Energy Director in a meeting with the Mayor of Prishtina, Mr Shpend Ahmeti.

Mr Selimi informed Mr Ahmeti of the decision of MFK to qualify the capital city for the pilot interventions in energy efficiency for multiple apartment buildings, within MFK’s project Pilot Interventions in Energy Efficiency (PIEE). Another 6 municipalities have been chosen for this sub-activity, while investments in the individual households will be supported in all 36 Kosovo municipalities.


The municipalities chosen for more complex investments in larger apartment blocks were qualified after intensive, data-driven selection round, based on World Bank’s previous selection process, supplemented with energy and poverty-related data.


The city of Prishtina will contribute with matching funds while the works on select buildings are envisaged to start in 2020. Mayor Ahmeti welcomed the investments by MFK and MCC in both energy efficiency as well as district heating metering. Prishtina’s public company Termokos is a partner of MFK in the District Heating Metering (DHM) project. Mayor Ahmeti also asked for special consideration to be given to the more dilapidated housing objects in order to both improve efficiency as well as the safety of the apartment buildings.


PIEE project is part of the Threshold Agreement signed between Kosovo and Millennium Challenge Corporation in 2017.


Photo by Ferdi Limani

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