Date: 19.10.2022


Today, the Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) celebrated the successful conclusion of the $49million Threshold Agreement signed in 2017 between Kosovo and the US federal agency MCC. During the last five years, the MFK team, in close collaboration with colleagues in MCC, Washington DC, and partners across the Kosovan institutional landscape, have implemented numerous activities centered around Reliable Energy Landscape Project and Transparent and Accountable Governance Project.


The closing conference started with remarks by Sarah Olmstead, Country Director for Kosovo, MCC, the MCC global CEO, Mrs. Alice Albright, former President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, Petrit Selimi, CFK CEO and brief presentations by the MFK  specialists, Anila Statovci, Burim Hashani, Rozafa Ramadani, and Violeta Rexha who highlighted the key findings and learnings which help pave the path for MCC’s new $202 million Compact Agreement.


‘’Through this threshold program, we set out to establish a strong foundation on which the Government of Kosovo can continue to build a brighter, more energy-efficient future for all Kosovans.’’ – stated Alice Albright, MCC CEO. ‘’By addressing the supply side of the energy sector, this $202 million new compact will complement the demand side investments of the threshold program to meet Kosovo’s energy challenges in a holistic way. With the completion of this program and upcoming compact, Kosovo is now better prepared for the future, and the United States – Kosovo partnership is stronger than ever.’’ – MCC CEO added.


Sarah Olmstead, Country Director for Kosovo, MCC, and Petrit Selimi, MFK CEO expressed his gratitude to everyone whose leadership and commitment made this program a success.  Congratulations were extended to the Kosovo people and MFK partners on their years of hard work to make this day a reality.


‘’I congratulate you on the results of the successful projects like SEEK, Prishtina HeatSave and GROW since saving energy, electricity and heating is the best way to save our economy and our communities from entering energy and financial poverty.’’ – said Atifete Jahjaga, Former Kosovo President during her opening speech.


MCC’s partnership with Kosovo began in 2017, with the signing of the $49 million threshold program.  For over five years, MFK, supported by MCC,  boosted the reliability of the electricity supply,  increased transparency,  and strengthened government institutions. 


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