Date: 23.02.2021


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Novo Brdo Among Seven Municipalities to Receive Investments in Apartment Building Retrofits Program

The Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) signed another Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the implementation of Subsidies Energy Efficiency Retrofits (SEEK) in Multi-family Apartment Buildings (AER). Today, MFK CEO, Petrit Selimi, and the Mayor of Novo Brdo, Svetislav Ivanović, formally agreed to join efforts in supporting successful implementation of the AER investment, as well as further developing and improving energy efficiency measures in the municipality.


The Municipality of Novo Brdo is among seven municipalities to receive financial support in retrofitting selected apartment buildings for energy-saving purposes in a process led by the World Bank. Other municipalities include Prishtina, Gjakova, Vitia, Lipjan, Mitrovica, and Gracanica. Through AER Intervention, MFK will invest over 20 million euros in retrofitting approximately 700 apartment units and 2800 individual households throughout Kosovo. MFK will continue investing in energy efficiency measures, thereby reducing the consumption of electricity for heating as well as increasing consumer awareness of energy-saving measures and their long-lasting benefits. 


This MoU is to ensure that MFK and the Municipality of Novo Brdo will work closely together in the area of energy efficiency measures while strengthening organizational structures, providing incentives for improving energy saving measures, and reducing the electricity demand and related costs in the residential sector. 


MFK CEO, Petrit Selimi was delighted with the signing of the MoU, pointing out that the activities focused on promoting subsidies for energy efficiency in Kosovo will help Kosovars reduce the energy consumption and will help government identify the best methods to promote greater energy efficiency at the household level.


MCC Country Director Sarah Olmstead highlighted the importance of ensuring Kosovo’s reliable and affordable energy supply as a priority for MCC’s interventions in Kosovo and as an engine for economic growth in the country. “Shortfalls in electricity supply are made worse by inefficient, uninsulated homes that use more electricity than necessary.  We are happy that the Municipality of Novobërdë/Novo Brdo was selected as one of seven municipalities in a competitive process to pilot our interventions in energy efficiency upgrades and we look forward not only to seeing results of these investments in terms of efficiency and comfort, but also in learning what works best to achieve investments.”


Mayor Svetislav Ivanović expressed his appreciation to MFK and MCC for supporting the municipality of Novo Brdo to improve its citizens’ quality of life. “I am grateful that Novo Brdo is among seven municipalities to receive such support, and we are more than willing to cooperate in the implementation of the AER project which will definitely make our citizens’ life much easier”, the Mayor added.


Subsidies for Energy Efficiency in Kosovo – SEEK is an activity implemented by Millennium Foundation Kosovo, an accountable entity responsible for implementation of the $49 million Threshold agreement signed by the Republic of Kosovo and Millennium Challenge Corporation in 2017. MFK’s mission statement calls for accelerating Kosovo’s transition to energy independence and good governance. Kosovo Threshold Program addresses two key constraints to Kosovo’s economic growth: an unreliable supply of electricity; and real and perceived weakness in rule of law, government accountability and transparency.



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