Date: 20.06.2019


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A stakeholder workshop before the Open Data Challenge

Prior to the launch of the second Open Data Challenge, MFK hosted the first DIG DATA Stakeholders Workshop, offering an overview of air quality issues globally and in Kosovo. The workshop gathered around 40 participants in a mix of government officials, scientists, software developers, policy makers, journalists, NGOs and the private sector. Throughout the two days, the participants brainstormed and worked together on new ideas from media articles to research-uses, to data visualizations, to phone apps around Kosovo air pollution data.


The workshop was implemented by OpenAQ, an organization based in Washington D.C. that aggregates air quality data from across the world and makes both real-time and historical data easily accessible.


The second Open Data Challenge of MFK opens tomorrow on June 21st and invites all open data movers, shakers and opinion-makers, start-ups, civil society, the private sector, academia, journalists, designers, technology innovators, and creative problem solvers to submit proposals that address the question:


How might we use outdoor air quality data—possibly in combination with health, economic, transportation, construction, or other data sets—to empower Kosovo’s citizens to make data-informed decisions and to take constructive personal and civic action?


The Challenge strongly encourages the participants to utilize open data from the Government of Kosovo (KEPA/KHMI/NIPH) and/or other credible, vetted open data from national and international sources to propose creative solutions that inform Kosovo citizens about (1) air quality data and (2) what data-driven steps they can take in the form of personal and civic action to reduce the impacts of poor air quality.


Open Data Challenge on Air Quality is the second open data challenge of MFK’s Transparent and Accountable Governance Program, one of the two main programs implemented as part of the Threshold Agreement between The Government of Kosovo and the MCC.


photo by TADI

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