Public Access to Judicial Information Activity (PAJI)


ODP provides the general public, and every internet user, with access to judicial statistics related to the work of courts and judges in Kosovo. 

ODP is the mechanism to retrieve and analyze non-personal and non-protected data from Kosovo’s Case Management Information System (CMIS). 

The ODP, which also is hosted on the KJC website ( collects all non-personal metadata categories from CMIS and makes them available to the public. These data categories provide public users with following reports:

  1. Report on the number of citizen requests submitted, and the number answered/addressed;
  2. Report on the number of incoming and resolved cases;
  3. Report on the number of cases resolved by each judge;
  4. Report on how long it takes to resolve a specific
    kind of case from the moment the case is filed until
    the final verdict;
  5. Report on the number of certain cases
    (I.e discrimination, hate crime, domestic violence);
  6. Regular statistical reports of each court and
    individual judge;
  7. Report on daily schedule (number) of session
    hearings for each courtroom (i.e., session type,
    case type, number of parties involved, etc.).
  8. Any other relevant reports as they become necessary.

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