Independent Power Producers (IPP) Finance Facilitation Project

IPP project finance facilitation activity is the third activity of RELP which aims to expand the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund’s (KCGF) mandate in establishing a new Energy Guarantee Window, for Solar Auto-Producers (AP) and Independent Power Producers, as well as Energy Efficiency Projects, and to create a Kosovo Project Acceleration (KPA) Program.

The IPP Project Finance Facilitation Activity is expected to bridge project development and financing hurdles faced by small and medium-scale renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. This in turn, will contribute towards a decrease in electricity consumption, and an increase in electricity production from solar power generation.


Specific outcomes include the following:

  • The pipeline of bankable projects established;

  • Lenders and borrowers adopt market standards for IPP project preparation;

  • Market clarity facilitates efficient and faster project finance lending to RE IPPs and EE projects;

  • KCGF structures and offers renewable energy and energy efficiency guarantees;

In the short term, the IPP Project Finance Facilitation Activity will provide the following outputs:

  • Develop renewable energy and energy efficiency credit guarantee product – support energy finance as well as cover all incremental operating costs of Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund to establish a separate Energy Guarantee Window and to increase its capacity in project finance and IPP Guarantee Window.

  • Project screening and development – Kosovo Project Accelerator; establish a pipeline of bankable projects and provide targeted technical assistance and training to IPPs, banks, and local experts.

  • Market standardization – Creation of standardized templates for technical documents as well as provision of training to banks and market regulators on use of standardized framework for renewable energy and energy efficiency project financing.

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