Subsidies for Energy
Efficiency in Kosovo

Steps of the process


Step 1

The owner/co-owner of the household completes and submits online the Household Identification Form. By submitting the Identification Form, your house or the apartment will be identified and added to our database of potential candidates for SEEK supported retrofits. The registration in our database is your expression of interest to participate in the program.


SEEK project has limited funds, operates under strict eligibility criteria, and has special target groups (poor, female-headed households, persons with disabilities, minorities) as priority beneficiaries. In case you fit those criteria and are selected, you will be notified of the further procedures towards your formal Application for Grant.


Step 2                  

SEEK representatives will visit your house or apartment to complete the Household Assessment Questionnaire. At this time, the owner/co-owner of the household provides relevant information to the SEEK representative;


Step 3                   

Qualified Installer will visit your house / apartment and subsequently prepares the bill of quantity and presents the Offer for implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures (retrofit) to the owner/co-owner of the household;


Step 4                   

The owner/co-owner of the household will then review the Offer for the implementation of the measures (retrofit) received from the Qualified Installer, and subsequently accept the Offer or refuse it (if the offer is refused, the process stops here); 


Step 5

If the offer is accepted, the Qualified Installer will submit the Beneficiary Application Form together with supporting documents provided by the owner/co-owner of the household;


Step 6

SEEK will then screen the application and will make the decision on the subvention level;


Step 7

The owner/co-owner of the household signs the subvention agreement with Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK);


Step 8

As the owner/co-owner of the household you will make the advance payment for your share of the investment, including VAT, to the Qualified Installer;


Step 9

The owner/co-owner of the household signs the Completion Protocol (handover) after implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) by the Qualified Installers;


Step 10

The owner/co-owner of the household answers the Beneficiary Satisfaction Questionnaire conducted by an independent Survey Company;


Step 11

Final verification of the completed process (done by the SEEK team);


Step 12

Subvention amount payment to the Qualified Installer (done by MFK).

After receiving more than 4500 identifications of the households interested in SEEK supported retrofits the online submitting option on SEEK website remained active until midnight of March 31, 2021.


The SEEK project is making the selection of the households identified through the process of online submitted applications. The selection process is being applied randomly, while based on SEEK compliance criteria. Only the selected households are going or will be contacted by SEEK representatives to organize the site-visits and completion of the Household Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ).


The information on the selection process and the list of houses selected to proceed in further steps of the process have been and will be published on SEEK website by listing their HER Identification Numbers (unique HER IDs), which each household has received from the online submission system after successful completion of online submission. Based on provided information there is no need to contact the SEEK project, since no appeals to the selection process will be allowed.

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Subsidies for Energy Efficiency in Kosovo (SEEK)
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