Subsidies for Energy
Efficiency in Kosovo

For Households

Homeowners can find in the lists below an overview of energy efficient equipment and materials that are acceptable for the retrofits supported by SEEK. Homeowners who want to apply for retrofits must first register to identify their house or apartment in order to get added to our database of candidates for SEEK supported retrofits. Procedures and the application can be found in the Applications Menu.

For Companies

Companies that produce or distribute energy efficient equipment and materials which are not on the existing lists of qualified EE equipment and materials (below), can send a request for adding their products to our lists which are in compliance with the below published eligibility criteria for related category of products. The request should be sent to with complete information on the products given in the selected tables for related product category (click for download of excel table).

Technical Eligibility Criteria​

Building Insulation (walls, roof, floor): thermal conductivity (lambda, λ)

  • Styrofoam (EPS): ≤0,040 W/mK
  • Styrofoam (XPS): ≤0,032 W/mK
  • Fiberglass insulation: ≤0,040 W/mK
  • Rockwool insulation: ≤0,040 W/mK
  • Others: ≤0,040 W/mK

Windows: thermal transmittance (U-value)

  • Double-glazing type window: ≤1,6 W/m2K

Biomass stoves/boilers (thermal efficiency)

  • Biomass stoves/boilers including fuel supply and control system): thermal nominal (certified) efficiency ≥ 80 %
  • Efficiency class of hot water storage tank C

Heat pumps (electricity driven): COP certified

  • Air to Water heat pump: ≥3.8
  • Air to Air heat pump (Split unit): ≥3.8
  • Water to water ≥4.0

Solar thermal water heaters: thermal efficiency, certified

  • Solar collectors vacuum pipe type including control system thermal efficiency ≥75%
  • Hot water storage tanks C

Lighting: luminous efficacy, certified

  • LED lighting ≥ 80 lumens/Watt

Subsidies for Energy Efficiency in Kosovo (SEEK)
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