Subsidies for Energy
Efficiency in Kosovo

Household Efficiency Retrofit

Through this Intervention Package SEEK will provide subsidies for private homeowners who are interested in investing in energy efficiency measures in their homes.  More than 2000 houses will be retrofitted to significantly reduce their energy use, thus become more energy efficient. Learn more about what SEEK might subsidize as well as the terms and conditions of the subsidies by clicking the link below:

The focus of HER is on providing subsidies for Kosovo households to invest in retrofits that will reduce energy consumption, as well as support the behavior change towards energy efficiency.

One of the key objectives of HER is to test and evaluate the most cost-effective incentive delivery approaches for different beneficiary groups, as well as deliver the best behavior change approaches, that can be scaled up beyond the Threshold Program.


Participation in the HER intervention package will be open to individual residences (including individual homes and individual apartments) throughout Kosovo with the incentive level determined by a range of criteria associated with environmental, social, economic, and technical objectives of the RELP.

Energy efficiency retrofits which qualify for the HER intervention package will be prioritized depending on energy audits and budget, but are expected to primarily include the following:


  • Improving external thermal insulation (walls and roofs);
  • Energy-efficient windows and/or external doors (wind fangs where applicable);
  • Weather sealing of building envelope elements;
  • Energy-efficient water heaters (including solar thermal water heaters where applicable);
  • Energy-efficient biomass stoves and furnaces;
  • Energy-efficient lighting bulbs.

Subsidies for Energy Efficiency in Kosovo (SEEK)
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