Arton Çitaku


Procurement Manager

Arton Çitaku is the Procurement Manager at the Millennium Foundation Kosovo since from February 2018. He is a lawyer, specialized in financial law and procurement. Before joining MFK he held a senior procurement position at the Central Bank of Kosovo.

Arton is a competent professional with 15 + years of rich working experience in procurement with different donors such as the Global Fund, World Bank, EU projects, Caritas Luxembourg, GIZ, UNMIK, UNICEF, government and non-government institutions such as Ministry of Health, Central Bank, Anti-Corruption Agency, CDF etc. He served as the Procurement Manager in the Global Fund and provided consultancy services to the anti-corruption agency for preventing and combating corruption in public procurement.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Pristina and has a master’s degree in financial law. During his degree program, he studied public procurement, budgetary law, tax law, finance law, banking law, customs law, etc.