Date: 27.01.2023


January 27, 2023 marks the last day of the Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) operating as the implementing entity of the $49million Threshold Program of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). From women empowerment, to energy efficiency improvements, strengthening transparency, the benefits of the program have been multidimensional. 


Throughout five-year of implementation, hundreds of women have directly benefited from the Women in Energy Program, starting with the 26 women that received scholarships to study energy-related fields at Des Moines Area Community College in the United States, the first WiSciKosovo camp which gathered over 100 girls from the Balkans and the USA to supported their aspirations in pursuing careers in STEAM fields. More than 200 young women participated in the Women in Energy internship program with the energy sector, and over 400 women-owned businesses received grants to invest in energy efficiency of their businesses. These numbers and activities have translated into a change of perception of the women’s place in the energy sector, ensuring a greater participation of Kosovan women in the energy sector.


The largest MFK investment, Subsidies for Energy Efficiency in Kosovo – SEEK Program, through which over 2000 households have been renovated with energy efficiency measures, helped Kosovo institutions see the potential for household energy efficiency subsidies in Kosovo by offering a triple benefit: (i) lowering energy demand, especially during the winter when demand exceeds supply,  (ii) raising awareness about the importance of energy efficiency and the impact that households can have, and (iii) enabling people to enjoy comfort in their homes with better insulation, and innovative sources of heating. 


Moreover, through Prishtina HeatSave MFK contributed to modernizing TERMOKOS, the District Heating Network in Prishtina, by giving citizens the opportunity to control their heat consumption and putting in place a smart metering system that allows them to pay based on consumption rather than the apartment area (m2).


Through the Green Recovery and Opportunity Window GROW, over 20M euros are expected to be invested in energy efficiency from the private sector in Kosovo.


To promote government transparency, accountability, data-driven decision-making, the MFK’s Transparent and Accountable Governance Project has increased the amount of publicly available data in all levels of government, giving the government the tools to better deliver services to its people. Open data platforms (ODP and CMS) launched through PAJI are designed to address both the lack of transparency and accountability in the sector but also the inaccurate perceptions about the rule of law in Kosovo by making more data available to the public, and by encouraging civil society to use and analyze the available data.


For a clearer insight into the investments, number of people empowered and municipalities supported throughout the implementation of the five year Threshold Program, check out MFK Interactive Map as well as the Journey Maps and Periodic Table.


MFK would like to extend its appreciation to the implementing team based in Kosovo, the MCC colleagues and support staff in Kosovo and the United States, as well as all the beneficiaries and partners across Kosovo. MFK has undoubtedly been the most memorable journey in the recent history of Kosovo’s economic growth and endless opportunities. Thank you for being part of its monumental success. 


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