Date: 27.09.2021

Up to € 200,000 in grants through the Judicial DigData Challenge

The Millennium Foundation of Kosovo (FMC) has launched the national call for grants in the Open Data Challenge, which invites all new businesses (start-up), civil society, private sector, academia, journalists, technology innovators and creative problem solvers to submit their proposals on how open data can be used for better policies and performance of the justice system in Kosovo.


‘DigData ‘, as one of our most important activities, focuses on building a collaboration between civil society, institutions and the general public to ensure transparency in the decision-making process in the justice system. This challenge will help build trust in the relevant institutions through the exchange and use of data produced by the highest institutions of law in Kosovo. ‘- said Petrit Selimi, MFK CEO.


Applicants for the ‘Judicial DigData Challenge’ are expected to provide solutions that help citizens access fast, clear and reliable information from the justice system. The use of open data in this system will not only help citizens understand judicial processes, but will also help the responsible authorities to evaluate and monitor performance and take concrete measures to increase the efficiency of the justice system.


Furthermore, this activity aims to help the Kosovo judicial system identify problems, as well as increase cooperation between institutions, civil society and the private sector, and push them towards an evidence-based justice system. 


 #DigData is a set of open data challenges that aim to improve the public availability of judicial, environmental and workforce data. At the same time, it encourages the analytical use of data by civil society, businesses and government to promote data-driven decision-making and foster productive partnerships between the aforementioned actors. This is an activity implemented by MFK, with the support of the Millennium Challenge Corporation – MCC.

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