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About the Company
ELEN is a private company which deals with the provision of products and services in the field of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy. ELEN specializes in providing design services for solar photovoltaic systems, installation of electro-energy systems, technical consulting and energy efficiency solutions.

For more information, visit: https://elen-ks.com/al/

Job Description
The engineer has the following duties:
• Making a comparative analysis between the bids received from the technical and financial and administrative aspect, keeping correspondence with these parties for technical and financial aspects, for product selection and other technical issues.
• Compiling a comparative analysis of bids for each project for which a bid is requested, as well as the cost of the project.
• In the case of projects from Energetics – Electricity, the relevant questionnaires are sent to the investor or architect.

In addition to the general criteria, the engineer must also have these qualifications:
• Basic knowledge of products/materials in the field of Renewable Energy, e.g. Solars.
• Knowledge on dimensioning of conductors, protections, etc.
• Basic knowledge of AutoCAD.
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite.
• To have attended at least one training on electrical installations and design.
• Knowledge of measuring units and their application, such as: A, W, V, kVAr, m, m2, m3.
• Knowledge of English language.

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