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Abacus Soft Kosovo Develop Software
AGE group Sh.p.k Kosovo Construction of non-residential residential buildings, renovation of school and hospital buildings, renovation of residential buildings, construction works, insulation of houses, renovation of houses and all activities related to renovation, construction and maintenance "RISI-COM" Kosovo Low and high construction
SELIMAJ Legal Consulting LLC Kosovo Legal consulting and services
Al Group SHPK Kosovo Construction/Renovations
Luna shpk Kosovo Energy
Alba Group Kosovo Construction, main contractor, pipe installation, hydropower, energy efficiency
Albi Kosovo Energy and Roof
Kgjk Kosovo Justice
.. Kosovo Enviroment, Energy.
Meteor Kosovo
Arberi-NS Shpk Kosovo Construction/Renovation for EEM
npshafaing Kosovo IT
Ora Accessories SH.P.K Kosovo Expanding the quantity of the watch brands i sell O.P Kosovo Construction, Renovation
No name Kosovo 1
Domazeti Kosovo
arta Kosovo Finance
LEDIONI GROUP SH.P.K. Kosovo Construction of facilities: Bridges, Houses, other construction facilities.
Person fizik Kosovo Izolim i shtepis
Kreatorja Kosovo Bucheries
Bashkimi Projekt SH.p.k Kosovo Architect and Engineering
Abkons Kosovo Energy & Natural Resources, Environment, Tourism, Transport, Urban Development, Public Administration and Agriculture, Rural Development, Water and Wastewater.
Beni Construction sh.p.k. Kosovo renewable energy, energy efficiency, construction
Berat Kosovo thermal pump
keqafullpac Kosovo music/film/event
Ero Project shpk Kosovo Renovations
Bleona Kosovo
KEK-TC Kosova B Kosovo Inxhinieri Mekanike
Motel Reataurant Burimi Kosovo Gastronomie
Dea Kosovo Medicine
Demet Gaş Kosovo IT
Denis Kosovo
Denis Kosovo
EcoZ Kosovo called, proclamation, grand, project
NTP FIDANI L Kosovo Energy
ELCOM d.o.o. Bosnia and Herzegovina Energy
Seek Kosovo Isolation
ODA Construction SH.P.K Kosovo Construction
kica Kosovo
endrit Kosovo grents
Eneldat Sh.P.K. Kosovo Heat Metering Systems
Enes Kosovo
Enigma BB Kosovo Heating, Air Conditioning, Smart Heat/Cool metering, Renewable energy
ILEAA-GR sh.p.k. Kosovo Low and high construction
EOR GROUP SH.P.K Kosovo Supply
S.Imeri SH.P.K. Kosovo Energy Efficiency, Renewable energy, construction
/ Kosovo
Kosova Turizem Kosovo Gasntronomy
Euro-Besi Shpk Kosovo Construction/Renovation
Kosova Information Technology sh.a Kosovo Transparent & Accountable Governance
Gazmend Kosovo Heating and Solar for Energy
Gentle Research Company Kosovo Consultancy, Business Development, ISO Standards
Keni Kosovo Per lyrjen e shtepis me fasad dhe ndrrimin e dritareve Kosovo subvencion
ASG ING Kosovo Energji eficiente,ndertim,infrastrukture
Graniti Kosovo Furniture production
Halit Kosovo Izolim
"HARST Group" Sh.p.k. Kosovo
No name Kosovo Yes
NTP Online Kosovo Information Technologies and Telecommunications
Qender dobesimi Hida Kosovo
Intracom Telecom Serbia Telecommunications, IT, Smart City, environmental solutions
Intracom Ltd Skopje Macedonia Telecommunications, Civil & Electro Mechanical IT and Smart City Solutions
. Kosovo Her
Izolimi N.P. Kosovo Constructions, renovations, insulation
AKWAS PERITUS CONSEILLERS Morocco Consulting, Expertise, Advising in Civil Engineering
Kosovo Management Institute Kosovo About KMI Kosovo Management Institute (KMI) is the only professional institute in Kosovo of such a format which beside informal education respectively training and development, research and development analysis, and human resources recruitment, offers various development, professional and managerial consulting services for different development projects/needs for public institutions, private businesses, and local and international none & governmental organizations. Our Vision Developing better Professionals, organizations, Managers and Leaders for a better Society in the Balkans region! Our Mission Becoming the only trusted training and development consulting provider to our clients, for providing innovative solutions to deliver measurable and qualitative performance improvement! Our Values Customer focus; Inclusive Approach Accountability; Innovation; Leadership; Trust and Tailor Made Service! What do we do? Through our specific departments, for all types of clients in Kosovo and the region as specified above, KMI offers a range of structured development opportunities, informal qualifications and tailor made consulting development services designed to improve performance at every stage of their career and organizational development level. Every service/program is designed to give our clients from the wider business and public community practical, relevant and know-how consulting development knowledge that can be immediately applied in the workplace or organization.
TERMOCONSING Kosovo Energy efficiency
KRAPI COM SHPK Kosovo Construction, Renovation
Pajtimi Company Kosovo engineering and electricity
Kreshniku Kosovo
UBO Consulting Kosovo Research, Data Analysis
ENRAD Kosovo
LALI HOLDING SH.P.K Kosovo Construction Management
ECO CLEAN Kosovo Cleaning of solar panels
LEGAL NDERTIM SHPK Kosovo Construction , Architecture&Engineering, Trade of materials, Insulations, Renovation
Leoprint shpk Kosovo Printing, Design,
Lestrani Kosovo Energy eficenc, izolim haus, window etc
Limora sh.p.k Kosovo Construction, project, instalation and other constructions works
lirimbytyqi__ Kosovo Private
/ Kosovo Nxemje,izolim,ujë,dyer dhe dritare
MILLENNIUM Kosovo Izolim i kulmit dhe nxemje qendrore
N.T Malisheva Kosovo Insulation, heating pumps seller
. Kosovo Energy,Metallurgy
NOVAMAT SHPK Albania Energy sector, Hydropower plant, Water and sewage water supply and services, Energy efficiency, HVAC Systems etc..
Meli Bau Kosovo building projects, building materials
Melisa Gacaferi Kosovo intership
Vllezerit Kabashi Shpk Kosovo For Windows and Framing with construction projects
Navitasoft Zrt. Hungary IT; Energy
N.T.SH. " KATALOGKOSOVA" Kosovo Agjencitë për publicitet.
No Firm Kosovo Home Insulation
Termoonati Kosovo
Poni s shpk Kosovo renovations, insulation
PRIMUS engineering Kosovo Sistemet e klimatizimi (ftohje/ngrohje) dhe ventilimit
Qendrim Kosovo No
R&RUKOLLI SH.P.K. Kosovo Construction and rehabilitation projects (all kinds)
KEK Kosovo Inxhinieri mekanike
Rrahman Kosovo Energy efficiency
Servete Lokaj Kosovo House
Ceni Guven SHPK Kosovo Panel Energy Support
Shqiprim Kosovo Renovim, izolim te shtepis dhe ndrrim i dritareve
Sharani Kosovo
Smart Signal Signs Shpk Kosovo metalurgy
Sofra GT SHPK Kosovo Tradiciona food
Teo Group Kosovo Construcion, Building Project, Renovation
TERMOKLIMA Kosovo Heating and air conditioning systems
GRANT-PROJECT SH.P.K. Kosovo Finance service, Consult service, Preparing a business plan and preparing a project idea in: Institution, NGO, Agencies, Government etc
trimi Kosovo renovim
Termo Solar Ingineering sh. p. k. Kosovo construction of facilities and renovations
UNIVERS KIM sh.p.k. Kosovo PVC and Aluminum doors and windows, construction works
Butiku rrobaqepse vali Kosovo Jam e intresume me rrit punen n lamin e rrobaqepsis
Kapital X LCC Kosovo Energy and construction
Valentin Gecaj B.I. Kosovo Translation services
Smart Architecture Kosovo Effiqience
X shpk Kosovo Telemetry , distance metering of water, heat, hot water , electricity,software analyze, supplier of equipment etc.
......... Kosovo arkitektur
zeos electronic Kosovo green energy
Studio Zyla& Dafina Kosovo Sherbime te bukuris
Zylfi Albania

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