Date: 07.06.2021

70 New Paid Internship Positions Available through Women in Energy Program

Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) has launched its third cohort of  70 new internship positions for women interested in joining the energy sector. Eligible candidates include women without prior professional experience in the sector and those who have graduated in the last three years with a relevant degree but have been unable to secure employment.


Leading companies and organizations in the energy sector like KEK, KESCO, KOSTT, Alb Architect, and Europe Systems, among others, have joined MFK in this third wave of internship opportunities secured through the Women in Energy Internship Program. Available positions include: Energy Efficiency Officer, Wind Power Designer, Field Engineer, Assistant for Environmental and Social Issues, Architectural Engineer, Researcher, and more.


Visit the Women in Energy Internship Program Website for more details on open positions and eligibility criteria.


In remarks delivered to graduates of the Women in Energy Scholarship program last month, President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani emphasized that the program is “changing the course of history for women in energy in the Republic of Kosovo.” Moreover, President Osmani stated “We are all getting to learn day by day that actions in this sector have real consequences in other sectors, in our lives, and ultimately in our health. It is not only about producing energy anymore, it is about doing it smartly, sustainably, and equitably.”


‘A record number of available internships has been launched for women interested in the energy sector. This cohort consists of 70 positions calling for women from different fields of study (engineering, architecture, law, economics, etc) and municipalities (Prishtina, Vushtri, Lipjan and Zvecan)’ states Gresa Statovci, Coordinator for WE Internship and Scholarship Program.


Over 40 young women have already started their internships with companies and organizations in the energy sector as part of MFK’s Women in Energy Program. Importantly, several interns have converted their internship programs into full time jobs with regular contracts at their respective companies. Hundreds more will benefit from this program, which aims to bridge the gap between employers and women with limited work experience who are nonetheless excited to join the energy sector in Kosovo. 


The Internship Program is a component of the broader Women in Energy Program supported by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). With the Women in Energy Program, MFK and MCC strive to increase women’s awareness of opportunities in the energy sector and to provide practical skill development opportunities through scholarships, internships, and training. Ultimately, this will increase the pool of technically skilled women willing to work in energy-related jobs, and address the gender imbalance in the Kosovo energy sector. 


Millennium Foundation Kosovo is an accountable entity responsible for implementation of the $49 million Threshold agreement, signed by the Republic of Kosovo and MCC in 2017. MFK’s mission statement calls for accelerating Kosovo’s transition to energy independence and good governance. The Kosovo Threshold Program addresses two key constraints to Kosovo’s economic growth: an unreliable supply of electricity; and real and perceived weakness in rule of law, government accountability and transparency.

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