Date: 24.05.2022

Energy Efficiency Renovation Works Inaugurated today in Mitrovica

As part of SEEK’s Apartment Efficiency Retrofits (AER) activity, a ribbon-cutting took place to mark the commencement of the renovation works in four multi apartment buildings in the Municipality of Mitrovica.


Alicia Phillips Mandaville Vice President of the Department of Policy and Evaluation at the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Bedri Hamza Mayor of the Municipality of Mitrovica, Sarah Olmstead MCC Country Director for Kosovo, and Petrit Selimi, MFK CEO, were present at the ceremony.


 ‘Apartment Efficiency Retrofits-AER’ aims to make the apartment buildings more energy-efficient and to help the residents reduce energy consumption. Over 600 families will benefit from this investment, in 6 municipalities in Kosovo: Gjakova, Lipjan, Mitrovica, Novoberdo, Prishtina, and Viti.


 “Given the European energy crisis and rising energy prices, the SEEK interventions are timely, important, and will benefit the people of Kosovo. I am pleased to support the launch of the Apartment Efficiency Retrofits in Mitrovica today, and to see firsthand how this construction can impact the people of Kosovo.” MCC Vice President Mandaville, stated.


 On the other hand Mayor Hamza expressed his gratitude for MFK and MCC’s contribution towards Kosovo’s economic development. “This intervention allows for greater energy saving and energy efficiency. It helps us reduce electricity use and costs, thus directly improving the lives of the citizens.”


SEEK is a 20.8 million investment, supported by Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), implemented by the MFK with its overarching objective to reduce the gap between energy demand and supply, through three main intervention packages: Household Efficiency Retrofits (HER); Apartment Building Efficiency Retrofits (AER), and Women Energy Entrepreneur (WEE).


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