Date: 20.11.2021

Author: Genta Agaj

How do we Monitor and Evaluate our projects?

A blog based on the editorial by MFK M&E Specialist, Genta Agaj, for the 15th issue of the MFK’s quarterly newsletter ‘The Challenger’, published in December 2021.


MFK has brought impactful change to people’s lives. The Women in Energy initiatives transformed the lives of 410 women entrepreneurs who have received grants from us, 26 women who have received associate degrees in STEM fields, and almost 100 women who have participated in internships with energy institutions. 


Currently, we’re offering energy efficiency subsidies to over 1000 households in Kosovo, while also providing heat meters to 14,000 households connected to Prishtina’s district heating. Our work with publicly available government air quality, energy, and judicial datasets, has led to grants to 14 organizations that have provided data-driven solutions. 


Entering the last year of implementation, we have become more conscious of the impact that our projects are leaving. Therefore, we are not just measuring processes and outputs – we have become more interested in measuring medium- to long-term outcomes.


So, what makes MFK’s M&E different?


MFK’s M&E works in a diverse ecosystem of MFK staff, international consultants, civil society organizations, and public institutions. As we collaborate with these partners, we continuously ensure that we apply MCC’s transparent, accountable and evidence-based approaches in collecting and reporting our data. We also engage in data quality reviews and work with independent  MCC evaluators to measure our impact.


At MFK, we expect our projects to continue even after we close. With this in mind not only are M&E staff collecting data for the purposes of our foundation, but we are also thinking of ways we can transfer our lessons learned to Kosovo institutions so that our legacy continues. A powerful example is the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund (KEEF), to whom we will be transferring our Subsidies for Energy Efficiency (SEEK) activity; another case is the Municipality of Prishtina and Termokos, to whom we will be transferring our District Heat Metering Activity called Prishtina HeatSave. 


Lastly, the same way we strive to make government data available through our Transparent and Accountable Government (TAG) project, we are also working on making our own data publicly available. As I write this piece, we are working on tools that support publishing the progress of our main indicators, datasets from our surveys, and other M&E key documents on our website. Through this transparent process, our partners, beneficiary institutions, and the public can use our data and best practices for their purposes.

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