Date: 05.01.2022

Looking back across another eventful year!

Along with challenges, 2021 was another eventful year with opportunities, partnerships, and lessons learned. From district heating metering project launch to air quality activities closure, to life quality improvement for Kosovan families, to growth opportunities for young women.


These are just a few highlights from 2021:


Throughout 2021, Millennium Foundation Kosovo, supported 184 families in different municipalities across Kosovo, to complete their house retrofits with energy efficiency measures, while helping them gain control over their energy costs, save on monthly bills, as well as learn more about energy use and home investments. Moreover, as part of SEEK Program, MFK has strengthened the country’s energy sector by training Kosovo construction companies to become Qualified Installers for Efficiency Retrofit projects, by educating them on the basics of energy auditing, and energy efficiency trends as opportunities for development of their services in the residential sector.


2021 was exciting especially for women, whom MFK is committed to encouraging and empowering through its projects; from those who just finished their studies and are thrilled to start their careers, to graduates who have never been able to secure employment, to women entrepreneurs willing to grow their businesses through smart and efficient ways of energy consumption. With the Women in Energy Program, MFK in 2021, provided development opportunities for all of the above through scholarships, internships, training and grants.


  • 26 women graduated with degrees in Energy related fields in USA through Women in Energy Scholarship Program
  • 410 women owned businesses got grants to invest in energy efficiency measures through Women in Energy Entrepreneurship Program
  • 20 women entrepreneurs have been supported through personalized business coaching and mentoring in areas such as management, finance, and how to improve energy efficiency in operations, through the Business Acceleration Program, of WEE
  • 110 young women have become part of the energy sector in Kosovo through the Women in Energy Internship Program

As part of DigData Open Data Challenges, last year, MFK collaborated with the Government of Kosovo in increasing the public availability of environmental, energy and judicial information, thus continuing its efforts in strengthening rule of law and the relationship between government institutions and civil society.  Five winning solutions in energy and four in judiciary which aim to encourage the analytical use of data by civil society, businesses and government to promote data-driven decision-making and foster productive partnerships between the aforementioned actors, are expected to be implemented in 2022.


The year ended with ‘Era Dimën’, successfully concluding the Air Quality activities under the Transparent and Accountable Program. As a result of these activities, Kosovo citizens now have greater access to environmental and air quality data thanks to an upgraded air quality monitoring station and reliable communication network that feeds real time air quality data to the Air Quality Portal and Application. Era Dimën event brought together international and Kosovan leaders to discuss local and global environmental issues. The conference underscored Kosovo institutions’ commitment to take MFK’s air quality projects to scale using best practices and lessons learned throughout the program implementation period.


As we look back at an incredible year of support and collaboration, MFK expresses its deep gratitude towards its stakeholders, partners, implementers, and staff – in Kosovo and the USA – for their support, hard work, and contribution in making this year a successful one. 


We encourage you to stay informed through our website and social media channels for our forthcoming endeavors, as 2022 will be an exciting year of continued growth filled with new activities and opportunities for Kosovan citizens.



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