Date: 22.05.2022

MCC Vice President Alicia Phillips Mandaville visits Kosovo

The Vice President of the Department of Policy and Evaluation at the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Alicia Phillips Mandaville is making a three-day visit to Kosovo. During her stay (May 22-24), she is expected to attend a series of event organized by MFK and MCC, as follows:


  • DHM Apartment Visit
    Sunday, May 22, 15:00, SunnyHill, Prishtina

    The delegation from Washington, headed by Alicia Phillips Mandaville, will visit a Pristina family in their apartment, to take a closer look at the current heating system. The Mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama, representatives from the Termokos District Heating, the Executive Director of FMC and implementing contractors of this project will also be present during the visit.



  • Pristina Street Party (Municipality of Pristina-organized event)
    Sunday, May 22, 16:45, George Bush Boulevard, Pristina
    Event organized by the Municipality of Prishtina where, among various activities organized in Mother Teresa Square, the citizens of Prishtina will be informed about the Prishtina HeatSave project, which aims to modernize the heating system, as well as to install sophisticated heat measurement equipment in their homes. This visit, in addition to the delegation from Washington, will be attended by the Mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama.



  • Women X Energy Conference
    Monday, May 23, 9:30, Kino Armata

    ‘WOMEN x ENERGY’ marks the conclusion of the ‘Women in Energy’ activities throughout the last 5 years, aiming to bridge the enormous gender gap in the energy sector in Kosovo, as well as to ensure that the energy needs of the women-owned businesses in the country are met. The experiences gained out of this program aim to inform a platform, focused on the lessons learned, and scaling up efforts shared by the donor community as well as the governmental institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.



  • Visit to the Kosovo HydroMeteorological Institute
    Monday, May 23, 16:00, KHMI

    Visit to the KHMI, to get a closer look at the air database and new air monitoring stations, a technology supported by MCC and FMC, as well as to discuss further efforts to improve air quality in the country.



  • SEEK Donor Conference
    Tuesday, May 24, 9:30, Swiss Diamond Hotel

    Donor conference will present the key initial findings of the implemented project and will seek to create a forum of presenting other planned activities of donors and IFIs in  the future, identify potential synergies and models of support to Kosovo institutions,  institutionalizing sustainable and long-lasting quality products in the market to help  greater energy efficiency in both existing housing stock as  well as in future construction.



  • Ribbon Cutting for Works (AER) branded scaffolding, ribbon cutting
    Tuesday, May 24, 15:30, Mitrovica

    The MCC delegation from Washington will pay a visit to one of the buildings where the renovation works with energy efficiency measures will commence, as part of the FMC and MCC project, SEEK / AER. On this occasion, Alicia Phillips Mandaville, Vice President of the MCC, and Bedri Hamza, Mayor of Mitrovica, will hold a speech. 



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