Date: 26.12.2018


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MFK CEO Petrit Selimi is awarded a prestigious GMF Fellowship

Chief Executive Officer of MFK Petrit Selimi has received the prestigious Marshall Memorial Fellowship 2019, provided by the German Marshall Fund.

The Marshall Memorial Fellowship (MMF) is GMF’s flagship leadership development program and previous alumni include President Emmanuel Macron of France and EU’s COmmissioner Federica Mogherini.
Created in 1982 to introduce a new generation of European leaders to the United States, it now prepares leaders from both sides of the Atlantic for transatlantic relations. The program relies on 6 months of distance learning and 24 days of the first-hand experience to facilitate knowledge and network development for effective transatlantic engagement. GMF awards 75 Marshall Memorial Fellowships each year to candidates from all sectors, including business, government and civil society. The MMF alumni network numbers more than 2,500 leaders. Their transatlantic engagement continues throughout their careers with GMF alumni projects, seminars, and major events.

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