Date: 13.09.2021


Following the technical and social research conducted by our implementing partner, Decon, a German company, as a way to better understand Termokos customers’ concerns and needs, Prishtina HeatSave is about to start its second phase of project implementation. This phase covers investment in heat distribution equipment, heat control equipment, as well as installation of heat metering equipment in every apartment connected to the district heating system in Prishtina.


PHS team will make sure to keep Termokos customers informed about the steps of the intervention taking place in their apartments. In addition, together with the Municipality of Prishtina, PHS team will have to access customers’ apartments for the metering equipment installation. Hence, continuous and close cooperation with the customers is needed to ensure a smooth implementation of the project.


 What will families benefit from Prishtina HeatSave intervention?


  • Control of heat temperature/consumption at home
  • Control of heating expenditures
  • Control of energy bills based on consumption rather than fixed billing method based on m2 (square meters)
  • Improved services and further expansion of the network in other parts of Prishtina


Prishtina HeatSave is part of District Heating Metering Activity (DHM) aiming to support the transition of district heating residential customers from area-based billing to consumption-based billing. This project is a $10 million investment, supported by the Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), as a result of which, 14,000 apartments, customers of Termokos network in Prishtina will be provided with 4,300 heat meters, installation of 72,500 thermostatic valves, as well as 51,000 heat cost allocators.

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