Gentiana Mahmuti


Judicial and Open Data Manager

Genta joined MFK in May 2018 as a Government and Data Specialist. In January 2020, she was promoted to the position of Judicial and Open Data Manager. She has diverse professional experience and has worked in both public administration and for international organizations, including the Office of the Prime Minister/Office of the Language Commissioner, AUK Centre for Energy and Natural Resources, and the International Crisis Group.


She holds an MBA Degree in General Management from the University of Sheffield, and a BSc. in Public Policy & Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Her qualifications include a Level 7 degree in Strategic Management and Leadership by the Chartered Management Institute, UK, as well as executive certification in Management and Public Policy by Sciences Po, L’Institut D’Études Politiques de Paris. She is fluent in Albanian, Serbian and English.


When not immersed in reading and researching about open data and innovations, she loves to read about technology and civilization, global powers, and what the future might bring. Currently, she’s reading Yuval Noah Harari’s “Homo Deus.”

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