Date: 20.09.2022

The National ‘Winter is Coming’ Campaign Launched

‘Winter is Coming’, a national campaign supported by the Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) and Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), aiming to change the behavior of the residential consumers on energy use and raise their awareness on the importance of the implementation of  energy efficiency measures, launched today as part of the ‘Subsidies for Energy Efficiency in Kosovo-SEEK’ Program. 


Long term benefits of energy efficiency measures have always been recognized, however, now, as energy bills have gone up due to energy crisis, implementing such measures is more necessary than ever to reduce energy consumption and save on bills.


There are around 100 qualified installers for households to choose for their house retrofitting. All these construction companies have been trained by international experts, as part of SEEK Program, in evaluating the energy performance of a household, and identifying energy efficiency measures that households can undertake to make their home more efficient.


You will soon find the list of these companies on SEEK website.


Through ‘Subsidies for Energy Efficiency’, MFK supported by MCC, has helped around 2000 families including the most vulnerable, families in the social assistance schemes, pensioners living on their own, and people with disabilities, to renovate their homes so that they spend a warmer winter and have lower energy bills.


Through energy efficiency retrofits, MFK aimed to increase the energy efficiency of homes, reduce the cost of bills whilst ensuring everyone can afford the energy required to keep their lights and heating on, as well as support households in the move towards cleaner energy consumption.

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