Date: 24.08.2022

Transferring SEEK Know-How to KEEF

SEEK experts are holding a series of trainings aiming the transfer of knowledge, gained experience, developed models and IT-support tools, to the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund (KEEF).


The objective of these trainings is to bring the KEEF’s staff to a higher level of professional capacity that would help them progress with the development of the residential (and possibly SME) program more effectively.


The Fund has been recognized by the Government of Kosovo (GoK) as the institution responsible for the development and implementation of the future energy efficiency (EE) program in the residential sector at the national level, when scaled-up after SEEK.


Earlier this year, MFK signed an MoU with Kosovo Energy Efficiency Fund, aiming to foster cooperation and transfer the know-how and tools related to the implementation of energy efficiency retrofits in the residential sector, as they have become one of the key strategies for ever increasing energy consumption and energy prices.


The Millennium Foundation Kosovo, supported by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has implemented the Subsidies for Energy Efficiency – SEEK project,  for the purpose of piloting different subsidy models that are aimed at identifying suitable mechanisms that would accelerate the acquiring of energy efficiency measures by households in Kosovo.



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