Date: 22.04.2022

US Senators meet MFK’s “Women in Energy” beneficiaries

As part of their Balkans tour, US Senators Jeanne Shaheen, Chris Murphy, and Thom Tillis, visited Kosovo yesterday, in an effort to affirm U.S. support to Kosovo’s progress on democratic trajectories and its path towards European integration.


During their visit, US Senators also met with beneficiaries of the projects supported by the Millennium Foundation Kosovo and Millennium Challenge Corporation. The high level US delegation met recipients of grants through the “Women in Energy” three-pronged program of scholarships, internships and entrepreneurship activities, discussing and highlighting the support received by MFK as well as the new opportunities for young women created with the MCC funding in the energy sector.


US Senate delegation, accompanied by the US Ambassador Jeff Hovenier and MCC Country Director Sarah Olmstead met with Albiona Lalinovci, former WE Scholarship Recipient, currently a Coordinator for Renewable Energy Sources at Kosovo Electricity Distribution Company (KEDS); Anda Kukaj, also a former WE Scholarship Recipient, currently a Power Engineer at ELEN Company; Ivana Djokic, former WE Intern, currently a Researcher at International Business College Mitrovica; and Sadije Deliu, Director of Plan-A Consulting, grant beneficiary of WEE Program.


These women are some of the WE beneficiaries introduced to the Senators who got the opportunity to highlight the support they received from MFK towards their economic inclusion and empowerment through education, internships and growth opportunities.


MFK is proud to have new opportunities and career paths created through “Women in Energy” projects, for many Kosovan young women and contribute towards fostering gender inclusion in Kosovo’s energy sector. MFK has provided 26 scholarships for energy studies in the USA, over 200 paid internships in the energy sector as well as over 400 grants for women-owned businesses to satisfy the energy needs of these companies.


With the “Women in Energy” Program, MFK and MCC strive to increase women’s awareness of opportunities in the energy sector and to provide practical skill development opportunities through scholarships, internships, and training. Ultimately, this will increase the pool of technically skilled women willing to work in energy-related jobs, and address the gender imbalance in the Kosovo energy sector.

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