Women in Energy

Millennium Foundation Kosovo is delighted to announce paid internships in the energy sector for women aiming to join this sector in Kosovo.

What is WE/Women in Energy Program?

Women in Energy program seeks to increase women’s awareness of opportunities in the energy sector, provide on-the-job and other relevant training in order to increase the pool of technically skilled women willing to work in energy-related jobs, and build linkages between energy employers and qualified women candidates. 

Why WE/Women in Energy Program?

We have established this internship program to address two aims:

 (1) to bridge the gap between the labor needs in the energy sector and the lack of technical skills in the energy industry in Kosovo;

(2) to increase the labor participation rate of women in this sector.

Who is eligible to apply? 

All women from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields as well as other disciplines relevant to the energy sector, such as project management, marketing and finance, economics, law,  information technology and other related fields are eligible to apply. 

This program includes internship opportunities for around 200 Kosovar women that are:

  • Current MA/MSc students, 
  • Students in their final year of study for BA degrees, and 
  • Unemployed degree holders who have graduated within the past three years.

What is the nature of this internship?

This is a paid internship and the payment is provided by MFK. The internship intends to last up to six-months.

Where will the prospective interns be placed?

Partner institutions include national and municipal government bodies drafting and/or enforcing relevant laws and regulations; key energy sector actors, including power producers, distributors, and the transmission company; financial entities funding energy projects or enterprises; partners/stakeholders in MFK’s projects; and private-sector companies selling energy services or working along the energy efficiency supply chain (i.e., efficient building design and construction, sale of energy efficient materials, etc.).

Who is supporting Women in Energy internship program?

WE is an activity planned and implemented by Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK). The program is a component of the Threshold Agreement signed between Kosovo and USA, supported by Millennium Challenge Corporation.

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