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About the Company
ELEN is a private company which deals with the provision of products and services in the field of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy. ELEN specializes in providing design services for solar photovoltaic systems, installation of electro-energy systems, technical consulting and energy efficiency solutions.

For more information, visit: https://elen-ks.com/al/

Job Description
The sales engineer has the following duties:
• Researching and determining the demand for products from Elen, and their sale;
• Compiling a marketing plan and selling materials;
• Preparing bids for various companies and organizations;
• Compiling relevant reports;
• Other administrative aspects.

In addition to the general criteria, the engineer must also have these qualifications:
• Very good knowledge of the Office suite;
• Basic knowledge of Products/materials in the field of electricity;
• Basic knowledge of how the market works in general;
• Be well informed on how IT software works;
• Satisfactory knowledge of a foreign language, such as English or German.

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