MFK helping to build a national air quality monitoring system

There are currently 13 Air Quality Monitoring Stations reporting the air quality in Kosovo. Many of them have been installed with the support of the European Union but approaching the end of life expectancy.


Millennium Foundation Kosovo has dedicated $3M USD in supplying AQMS with new equipment, relocating three of them as well as adjusting the location for better environment data absorption, effective monitoring as well as reporting of quality in real-time. This project is coordinated with another major donor, the Japanese JICA.


Kosovo Environmental Data Project (KEDP) is part of MCC’s Transparent and Accountable Governance Project under the Kosovo Threshold Program. The objectives of the Environmental Data activity is to support the Government of Kosovo (KHMI and National Institute of Public Health -NIPH) to effectively monitor and report on select environmental indicators to a variety of stakeholders including the public.


This activity will make environmental / air quality data available to a wide range of users, which will, in turn, help policymakers shape better policies that tackle air pollution, as well as increase the awareness of the general public.


The Activity will also strengthen the ability of civil society to interpret the data in order to engage more productively with the Government on environmental and health issues.


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