Date: 22.12.2022

MFK expands Transparency

In an effort to increase transparency, public accountability, and use of data for effective and inclusive decision-making, MFK has launched new features to the website which allow the public to get a clear insight into the investments, number of people empowered and municipalities supported throughout the implementation of the five year Threshold Program.


The interactive map contains an overview of all the expenditures in all municipalities through key interventions. This feature allows users to navigate across platform by selecting the municipality or the program to understand the impact of our projects, throughout Kosovo.


Journey Maps are designed to illustrate how two of the exemplary grantees leveraged the most of the DigDataKosovo challenge competition to address open data usage in the air quality and energy sectors. 


Project “Breath Data” was designed to support data-driven decisions, inspiring students and communities in different cities who were living in environments with poor air quality to think about what they can do and take action.


ENERGOMETER included: 1)an electricity-saving behavioral experiment, 2) a digital platform

to capture smart switch data and 3) a projection of residents’ energy consumption data on a building’s facade in central Pristina.


With the purpose of reflecting on how the Dig Data Challenges progressed toward their overarching goal of building trust in society and enabling data-driven decision making, the Millennium Challenge Corporation and Moonshot Global Consulting have developed the Periodic Table of Open Data Impact. This periodic table focuses on the current state of Open Data in Kosovo based on the Dig Data Challenges that were conducted by Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) from 2018 to 2022. It intends to provide a snapshot of progress against these areas as of July 2022 and provides recommendations on where the Government of Kosovo should focus to continue to make progress on open data accessibility and use, leading to improved governance and trust of the government.


For more, check out MFK website.


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