Date: 24.09.2020


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MOU signed between the Ministry of Environment and MFK on Open Data Transparency in Air Quality

Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) and the Ministry of Economy and Environment (MEE) of the Republic of Kosovo, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in support of the Dig Data: Air Quality Challenge Project. Sarah Olmstead, Country Director for Kosovo for Millennium Challenge COrporation (MCC) was present at the signing ceremony.


MFK CEO, Petrit Selimi and the Minister of MEE, Blerim Kuqi, reaffirmed their cooperation to increase the availability of outdoor air quality data, aiming to empower Kosovo’s citizens to make data-informed decisions and to take improved and constructive personal and civic action.


This agreement will also enable disbursement of 200,000 Euro for winners of the National Open Data Challenge #DigData, dedicated to preventing and mitigating effects of air pollution.


With the signing of this agreement, the finalists of DigData Challenge: Internews Kosova, Rea, Bonevet, Llogarite, will start implementing their innovative projects, aiming to provide pilots and solutions focused on causes, effects, risks and prevention of air pollution to the general public.


Minister Kuqi, confirmed the commitment of the MEE, to work closely with MFK in improving the public availability and analytical use of data for a more transparent and accountable governance. He stated that the financial support given to civil society, academia and private sector by MFK will help create a better cooperation between institutions and public in improving air quality in Kosovo.


MFK CEO Petrit Selimi thanked the MEE for the support given in the process and adoption of open data standards and requirements which will help wide strata of society to better understand and use the air quality data and propose concrete ways to mitigate the causes and effects of air pollution.


Late last year, through the DigData Open Data Challenge, MFK invited all open data specialists, opinion-makers, start-ups, civil society, the private sector, academia, journalists, designers, technology innovators, and creative problem solvers to propose creative solutions based on the open data from the Government of Kosovo (KEPA/KHMI/NIPH) and/or other credible, vetted open data from national and international institutions to inform Kosovo’s citizens about:

-air quality data and
-what data-driven steps to take to mitigate the negative impact of poor air quality

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