Date: 11.11.2020


Stakeholders Conference on Air Quality commits to strengthening coordination in tackling air pollution

The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) and NIRAS, the implementing partner for the Environmental Data Collection project, organized a virtual conference for stakeholders, aiming to ensure coordination and strengthen cooperation in tackling air pollution in Kosovo. The conference, “WE CARE WHAT WE BREATHE”, brought together more than 50 stakeholders and experts from the government, academia, civil society, local and international organizations, and media, to reflect on the air quality challenges as well as discuss further action to improve it through public understanding and awareness raising.


This conference is part of the MFK ‘s Air Quality project focused to ensure that all Kosovo citizens have access to accurate, reliable air quality information, thus helping improve health and reduce pollution. The Air Quality project is focused on creating a sustainable and modern system of the AQ data in Kosovo, through collecting and making information available via open data platforms, thus enabling citizens to have easy access to air quality data especially through the Air quality portal and Smartphone application.


The Conference resulted in an agreement for full coordination between stakeholders in tackling air pollution and health impact, as well as concrete remedies and actions that should be taken by institutions and citizens. A nationwide campaign will commence to promote the new tools, health advisories and the new capacities of Kosovar institutions. It will bring air quality to the attention of all, will sensitize and educate them about health risks caused by air pollution, and measures that they should take to protect themselves by changing their behavior and making an effort to reduce the level of air pollution, especially during winter.


This campaign is part of the ‘Supply of Project Management, Air Quality Information Management, Behavior Change and Communication Services’ project, supported by Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). MFK is focussed on working and supporting local institutions, the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) and the Kosovo Hydro-Meteorological Institute (KHMI) to improve the public availability of data on air quality thus ensuring a proper and proactive communication with the public on air quality matters as well as promoting data-driven decision making.

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