Prishtina HeatSave

Prishtina HeatSave aims to support the transition of district heating residential customers on the Termokos network, in Pristina, from area-based billing to consumption-based billing through installation of heat metering equipment. As a result, it aims to reduce demand and enable expansion of heat supply services to new consumers.


The program will test different modalities and strategies for packaging District Heating Metering (DHM) and energy efficiency services to maximize customer value, reliability, and sector cost efficiency. This entails technical feasibility works, as well as formative research to design a social and behavior change campaign.


Finally, the DHM Activity is also expected to improve the performance of Termokos through provision of technical assistance and capacity building which also includes supporting the Energy Regulatory Office on district heating services tariff design.


  • Greater consumer control over heat consumption;
  • Expansion of Termokos network to increase the number of households that are able to switch from electric heat to DHM
  • Termokos and private energy service companies to offer innovative, value-added and bundled energy efficiency services such as heat supply agreements


For more, please download the Fact Sheet here.

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