Date: 21.06.2019


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DIG DATA focusing on Air Quality Data is Open Now

Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) has launched the second national Open Data Challenge call focusing on Air Quality Data.


The call invites all open data movers, shakers  and opinion-makers, start-ups, civil society, the private sector, academia, journalists, designers, technology innovators, and creative problem solvers to submit proposals that address the following question:

How might we use outdoor air quality data – possibly in combination with health, economic, transportation, construction, or other data sets – to empower Kosovo’s citizens to make data-informed decisions and to take constructive personal and civic action?

DIG DATA invites all interested parties to utilize open data from the Government of Kosovo and/or other credible, vetted open data from national and international sources to propose creative solutions that inform Kosovo citizens about:


(1) air quality data and

(2) what data-driven steps they can take in the form of personal and civic action to reduce the impacts of poor air quality


The Dig Data Air Quality challenge is expected to strengthen the ability of all groups of society to interpret the data in order to engage more productively with the Government on environmental and health issues.

Dig Data is a series of open data challenges that aim to improve the public availability of judicial, environmental and labour force data.  At the same time, the challenges encourage the analytical use of data by civil society, businesses, and the Government, in order to promote data-driven decision-making and foster productive partnerships between the aforementioned actors.


MFK will finance up to four individual projects with grants up to 50,000 Euro


The call is open until September 6th and the full information can be found on

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