Date: 23.08.2019


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DigData Municipal Tour is Concluded

How might we use outdoor air quality data—possibly in combination with health, economic, transportation, construction, or other data sets—to empower Kosovo’s citizens to make data-informed decisions and to take constructive personal and civic action? – this is the question we need an answer on. 


The #DigDataKosovo team has just concluded their municipal tour, meeting potential applicants across Kosovo to offer them insights and guidance into the application process, helping them to best tackle the above challenging question. 


MFK will award four grants (total of 200,000 Euros available in funding) to implement a proposal that proposes creative solutions that would inform Kosovo citizens about air quality data and what data-driven steps they can take to reduce the impacts of poor air quality. 


All DigData applicants are expected to utilize open data from the Government of Kosovo (KEPA/ KHMI/NIPH) or credible, vetted open data from national and international sources, while the exclusive use of non-public/ proprietary data sets is not permitted. 


Visit to download the application and get all the details in guiding you during the application. If you have urgent questions regarding the call and the application, feel free to write to 


Air Quality Open Data Challenge Deadline is  September 6, 2019


Photos by Astrit Ibrahimi


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