MFK has been working with the KJC and KPC to ensure that data is available and structured so competitors can analyze the most relevant judicial system data.

These data sets are the foundation for a wide variety of potential solutions. Competitors must use open data (type of case or charges filed, case duration, decisions, and sentences, etc.) to explain why their tool or approach is needed and then incorporate open data in their solutions to empower Kosovo’s citizens to:

  • understand and make informed choices about their legal proceedings, and/or
  • get connected to services, and/or
  • analyze and understand court performance, and/or
  • to use data to advocate for increased efficiency, transparency, and equity in the judicial system.

Proposals do not need to address all of the themes in this challenge.  It is better to focus and address one or two of themes well than to try to generally address all of the themes.


The following types of data are available:

The following is a list of LAA data categories published online:

  1. Legal Aid Agency effectiveness
  2. Budget allocation and efficiency
  3. Resolution of domestic violence cases


The following is a list of KJC data categories published online:

  1. Effectiveness of Basic Courts
  2. Effectiveness of the Court of Appeal
  3. Effectiveness of the Supreme Court


The following is a list of KPC data categories published online:

  1. Effectiveness and efficiency of prosecutorial services
  2. Effectiveness in handling corruption cases
  3. Effectiveness in handling of domestic violence cases
  4. Handling of cases against LGBT community
  5. Handling of cases against journalists


*All the datasets are published on MFK’s website in Albanian and shall be available in English and Serbian during the next few days. The KPC data shall be made available by September 29th once the Statistics Department clears the data of the KPC. 

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