Date: 05.03.2020


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MFK pre-qualifies 7 municipalities for specific energy efficiency investments

A delegation from Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK), Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and German Consortium GFA & HPC have visited the Municiaplity of Lipjan and met Mayor Imri Ahmeti and his team to discuss the forthcoming investments in renovation of multi-family apartment buildings to increase their energy efficiency.


MFK has launched Subsidies for Energy Efficiency in Kosovo (SEEK), a project that seeks to pilot various incentives for all Kosovar households. While the subsidies for investments in individual households will be open to all Kosovo municipalities, additional investments in residential multi-family apartment buildings will be restricted to seven of those: Prishtina, Mitrovica, Gjakova, Lipjan, Viti, Gracanica, Novo Brdo. The choice of municipalities was done based on World Bank selection from 2018, where for 9 selected buildings the support in establishing the home owners associations was provided, followed by the designs of energy efficiency measures, which were financed through a World Bank Program.


The German-led consortium will in forthcoming months oversee the investments that are meant to provide municipalities with knowledge and data on the best-value investments to increase energy efficiency of multiple-apartment buildings, while involving municipalities and residents through homeowners associations. In the forthcoming period, residents from all 38 Kosovo municipalities will be able to apply for the subsidies dedicated to individual households.

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