Date: 02.12.2020


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Over 2,600 houses to benefit from Energy Efficiency Subsidies

Over 2600 houses and individual apartments will be made energy efficient through the HER package of the Subsidies for Energy Efficiency in Kosovo (SEEK) project. Through “Household Efficiency Retrofits” (HER) Kosovar families can now apply for subsidies to renovate their housing units through improvements in thermal insulation of walls, roof insulation as well as energy efficiency equipment upgrades.


The specific goal of the HER Package is to reduce electricity consumption in the residential sector with a special focus on reducing the use of electricity for heating and promoting the use of energy efficient heating equipment. Energy efficiency retrofits which qualify for the HER intervention package include but are not limited to:


  • Improving external thermal insulation (walls and roofs);
  • Energy-efficient windows and/or external doors (wind fangs where applicable);
  • Weather sealing of building envelope elements;
  • Energy-efficient water heaters (including solar thermal water heaters where applicable);
  • Energy-efficient biomass stoves and furnaces;
  • Energy-efficient lighting bulbs.


For more, please visit SEEK website.


Last year, MFK launched ‘Subsidies for Energy Efficiency in Kosovo-SEEK’, a $20.6 million project, which consists of Household Efficiency Retrofits (HER) and Apartment Building Efficiency Retrofits (AER), focused on financial incentives to the residential sector. SEEK is part of  “Reliable Energy Landscape Project” (RELP), with its overarching objective to reduce the gap between energy demand and supply, by lowering energy use through piloting household investments in energy efficiency, switching to cost‐effective non‐electricity sources of heating, and reducing barriers to independent power producer (“IPP”) entrants to the market.  SEEK is supported by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and implemented by MFK with its partners GFA Consulting Group and HPC International.

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