Date: 04.03.2019


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Women in Energy Tour / Gracanica

During the first info-session in Gracanica, Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK) presented the “Women in Energy” Scholarship Program. The session brought together young women and girls from the Serb community in Gracanica to engage in a wider discussion about the application process, areas of study and important dates.


The “Women in Energy” Scholarship Program will provide support to Kosovar women to study in energy-related fields, with a special focus on science, technology, mathematics and electrical engineering. The scholarships will cover all the expenses for the 25 selected scholarship recipients for 2-year of studies; the first cohort will be placed in the state of Iowa in the US.


“Gender inclusion in the energy sector is one of the key activities of the Millennium Foundation Kosovo. The scholarship program for Kosovar women will address one of the most problematic issues in the energy sector which is the huge gender gap, especially in terms of employment,” said the Executive Director of Millennium Foundation Kosovo, Petrit Selimi.


Sarah Olmstead, MCC Director for Kosovo, also introduced for the first time the launch of the new “Girls in Science” Program of the MFK. This program will begin this summer and will provide opportunities to acquire knowledge and engage in alternative learning in the field of energy for girls from 14 years of age. Participating girls will be from Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and Georgia.


Gresa Statovci, MFK scholarship and internship consultant, concluded the info-session by presenting in detail the application method and the important dates of the “Women in Energy” scholarship program.

The Municipal Tour is organized in partnership with ARDA/RDA Centre.


Photo by Astrit Ibrahimi

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