Women in Energy

Millennium Foundation Kosovo is delighted to announce fully-funded scholarships for women to study energy-related fields in Accredited International Academic Institutions. The first cohort was placed at DMACC in the fall of 2019.

What is WE/Women in Energy Program?

WE/Women in Energy Program includes fully-funded scholarships for around 25 Kosovar women to receive associate/technical degrees in the energy field from academic institutions abroad. Subjects chosen are rooted in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Why WE/Women in Energy Program?

We have established this scholarship program to address two aims:

(1) to bridge the gap between the labor needs in the energy sector and the lack of technical skills in the energy industry in Kosovo;

(2) to increase the labor force participation rate of women in this sector.

How are we reaching our desired objectives?

We are addressing labor needs in the energy sector as well as the gender imbalance in the industry by providing Kosovar women with highly specialized technical accredited degrees. Areas of study include, but are not limited to: wind energy, solar energy, coal energy, computer numerical controls, water management, information technology, energy efficiency/auditing, energy regulation, energy-related software/SCADA systems, energy management, and welding.

Where will the prospective students be placed?

Scholarships will cover all related expenses of colleges located mainly in the United States and Europe. The first cohort of students was placed in DMACC, Iowa.

Who is supporting WE scholarship program?

WE is an activity planned and implemented by Millennium Foundation Kosovo (MFK). The program is a component of the Threshold Agreement signed between Kosovo and USA, supported by MCC. Additional private sector support has been secured to finance the scholarship program.

When will the program start?

There will be at least two cohorts with the first one starting their studies in Fall, 2019.

What happens after I receive my degree?

Scholarship recipients are contractually obliged to return to Kosovo to work for private or public entities in the energy sector.

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