Date: 05.03.2019


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Women in Energy Tour / Mitrovica

MFK continued its tour with two information sessions in Mitrovica. Aiming to inform and inspire women across communities, WE Team offered detailed information in both the goals and the application process to two largely attended groups.


‘This program aims to produce a new generation of women leaders in the energy sector.’ – stated Petrit Selimi, Executive Director of MFK, in the first session held at the University “Isa Boletini”. Further, Selimi presented the plan of the MFK to advance women in the sector, by adding the element of internships in energy companies, as well as a youth science camp called “WiSCI Girls STEAM Camp” for girls at 15-18 years of age, and a grant program for entrepreneur women.


Violeta Krasniqi Rexha, Gender and Social Inclusion Specialist at KMF, stated that the “Women in Energy” scholarship program is the first KMF activity that is aimed at encouraging women and girls to be present in the energy sector. Meanwhile, in relation to the future program for entrepreneur women, she underlined the aspiration this program has to assist women in reducing their entrepreneurship activity costs by reducing energy costs.


Finally, Gresa Statovci, Scholarship and Internship Consultant at KMF concluded the session by providing detailed information on the application process and important milestones for scholarships.


MFK continued its information tour with women and girls in the North of Mitrovica, at the International Business College Mitrovica (IBCM), with attendees from female students, pupils and women from the Serbian community.

In the coming weeks, the information tour for the scholarship program WE / Women in Energy / Gratë në Energji shall continue its tour to other centres in Kosovo. The information tour is organized in cooperation with the non-governmental organization ARDA-RDA Center.

Photo by Visar Kryeziu

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